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Telemetry radio module S1AX / SENTRY

S1AX is a telemetry module, which is a part of the SENTRY product portfolio.

Datasheet for S1AX

Example of available measurement modulespressure transducer S1AP, temperature transducer S1AT, pulse / binary module S1AY, NAMUR S1AN, RS485 S1AS
Version normal or Ex (for potentially explosive atmospheres)
Environmental working characteristics -20°C to + 60°C; max. 95% relative humidity
Power supply internal non-rechargeable Li-SOCl2 module, user replaceable
Wireless communication options Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox, XBee / ZigBee / 802.15.4
Mounting connector connector SENTRY version 1, keying type "A"
MaterialsASA plastics
IP rating according to EN 60 529IP 65


All dimensions in [mm] (lengths) or [g] (weight)

Markings and labeling

Information on label:

  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture
  • Device type
  • Order number
  • IP rating

For version intended for use in potentially explosive environments:

  • Safety type
  • Additional information on how to handle device in Ex environments


The pruchase order shall contain the following information:

  • Order reference number and date
  • Invoicing and delivery address (including VAT number)
  • Parts order numbers from ordering table, number of units requested, requested expedition date
  • Type of expedition (for example ex-works, delivery)
  • List of additional options

Order codes

Uplink radio type (R)
R0 NB-IoT - band 20
R1 LoRaWAN - EU 868MHz
R2 Bluetooth - 2.4GHz
R3 XBee - 2.4GHz
R4 Sigfox
RX special - on request
Version (V)
V0 ATEX Zone 2
VX special - on request
Power supply (P)
P0 Battery module S1AB-B0 or S1AB-B1
P1 Battery module S1AB-B0 only (for Ex environments)
PX special - on request
Working temperature (W)
W0 -20 az +60C 95%RH
WX special - on request
Antenna type (A)
A0 internal
A1 external N connector
A2 external SMA connector
AX special - on request
Offline datalogger memory size (D)
D0 without offline logging
D1 32Mbit memory
DX special - on request

Packaging and delivery

S1AX modules are packed individually into adequate carton boxes (for example. type MODEL / 13105 / 200 x 150 x 150 mm)

Every box contains printed information with technical specification and general business processes information. such as waranty information

Models intended for use in potentially explosives atmospheres (Ex) additionally contain documents required for such device - for example certificate of conformity and other.


Telemetry module S1AX is directly mounted and screwed on top of the measurement modules.


  • Battery module (2x Li-SOCl2) type: SENTRY S1AB